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Accelerating circularity, one partner at a time

Our circular partner model is ideal for circular service providers and operators who want to maximize their impact.

Our solution = technology + partnerships

Circular Partner

Make your commitment to circularity visible. Offer circular services and help close material loops.

  • Use the “Circular Partner” logo
  • Participate in marketing campaigns
  • Offer the “Circularity Check” to customers
  • Listing on website for service requests and circular trainings
  • Strong positioning towards sustainable customers and partners
  • Events and content to achieve circularity and climate goals
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Software Partner

Use our software to run your circular services and simplify collaboration with your partners.

  • Manage all services, employees, customers and partners on one platform
  • Full visibility into service performance and product lifecycle data
  • Customizable and scalable solution for your organization and markets
  • Easy collaboration thanks to full system integration and link to ecosystem

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Enabling the ecosystem in one platform

Individuals and organizations who keep products in use are the backbone of a circular economy and the ones collaborating with service operators such manufacturers, retailers and cities. Enabling them is the core of what we do.

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How can products be kept in use with own or external service partners? What errors happen and which parts are being changed? How many spare parts do we need to store? We’re able to answer those and many more question with our software.

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Retailers often already collaborate with service providers and manufacturers – but the trend towards servitization and circularity can help position them to launch, scale and innovate their service portfolio to built a stronger local customer relationship.

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75% of our natural resources are consumed in cities, 50% of global waste is produced in cities, 80% of global greenhouse gas emissions are emitted by cities … already today – and 2/3 of people will live in cities by 2050! There’s no way we’re mastering this without Circular Cities!

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Restaurant, hotel or retail chains and facility managers – managing the circularity and services in just one or multiple countries can become a headache – not with us!

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Sometimes 30, sometimes 120 or a lot more – the amount of products each household collects. Keeping those in use can be cumbersome – thus we want to make it as easy as possible for you. Plus, you can find repair vouchers and training events on how to fix things on our page.

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Circular action = climate action. Businesses can reduce their carbon footprint by keeping all their products in use as long as possible. If you started initiative like a veggie day, green hosting or similar – product circularity is a must. We help you getting there easily and measure your impact on the way.

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“Super helpful and very easy to use software!”

Business owner at circular service provider

“Up to 30% faster overall repair process!”

Service technician at repair shop

“Finally, useful data for all stakeholders!”

Head of circularity at manufacturer

Works for your product sector


Appliances, garden & tech equipment


Textiles, bags, shoes, accessories


Heating, cooling, pumps, furniture


Energy, telco services, security


Construction, agriculture, production


Cars, trucks, bicycles, scooters, fleets


Hospitals, practices, research labs


Cities, schools, administration

Cross Sector

Retail, restaurants, hotels, events


Instruments, gaming, sports equipment

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