Manage external & own service providers incl. all products & customers

Collaboration-Platform for manufacturers, retailers, insurances, cities, others & their service partners.


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Our software takes care of the full customer journey: from broken to fixed product

1. Booking

Make repair & product lifetime extension an easy & convenient option for product users with our white label booking interfaces, Apps and integrations.

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2. Orchestration

Improve brand & service provider collaboration on our platform in one collaborative flow including contact center, technical support, technicians and your whole team.

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3. Execution

Use our office software & mobile App to enable your team end-to-end – like an invisible team of digital co-workers.

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Your fast-track into the future

Supporting and enabling circular services operators is the core of what we do with our partnerships and software.

Innovate existing services

Consider adding remote video functionality to your service portfolio? You know there are efficiencies in your processes but you don’t know where to start? We got you covered!

Launch new circular services

Adding repair or refurbishment to your existing services? Sold a product but still looking for field service support on-site? We’ll get you there in no time!

Scale your service operations

We can help you enter new markets, regions or product categories and industries while delivering the same level of service, operational excellence and customer experience.

Lead circularity transformation

From Eco-Design to Right-to-Repair, ESG or Climate Impact… time to rethink your strategy and set yourself up for circularity – Let’s go do it!

Easily cover the full service portfolio


Maintenance, Inspection, Repair, Installation


Maintenance, Inspection, Repair, Refurbishment


Inspection, Consultation

Remote video

Maintenance, Inspection, DIY guidance, Consultation

DIY support

Inspection, Guidance, Right-to-Repair

By uniting the circular ecosystem
in one single platform

Individuals and organizations who keep products in use are the backbone of a circular economy and the ones collaborating with service operators such manufacturers, retailers and cities. Enabling them is the core of what we do.


How can products be kept in use with own or external service partners? What errors happen and which parts are being changed? How many spare parts do we need to store? We’re able to answer those and many more question with our software.


Retailers often already collaborate with service providers and manufacturers – but the trend towards servitization and circularity can help position them to launch, scale and innovate their service portfolio to built a stronger local customer relationship.


Insurances often already collaborate with service providers – but the trend towards embedded service, insurance and circularity can help position them to launch, scale and innovate their service portfolio to provide a better customer experience.


75% of our natural resources are consumed in cities, 50% of global waste is produced in cities, 80% of global greenhouse gas emissions are emitted by cities … already today – and 2/3 of people will live in cities by 2050! There’s no way we’re mastering this without Circular Cities!


Restaurant, hotel or retail chains and facility managers – managing the circularity and services in just one or multiple countries can become a headache – not with us!


Circular action = climate action. Businesses can reduce their carbon footprint by keeping all their products in use as long as possible. If you started initiative like a veggie day, green hosting or similar – product circularity is a must. We help you getting there easily and measure your impact on the way.


Service providers & brands love it!

“Super helpful, fast to onboard and very easy to use!”

Business owner at circular service provider

“The first software that is actually built for our repair process!”

Service technician at repair shop

“Finally, useful product & operations data!”

Head of circularity at manufacturer

Up to 30% more efficient repair process
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