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Extend lifetime

Climate Action == Circular Action

Extending the lifetime of products has a significant climate impact – we help households and businesses to realize that.


Find a local repair experience or circularity training near you & get notified early about new repair vouchers.

Ideal for all from rented city apartments to own houses on the country side or your holiday flat – including mobile products like your bike.

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Manage your company’s products in one place, extend their lifetime with local services and measure the carbon impact.

Ideal for all sustainability driven business from startups to corporates, offices, restaurants, hotels and many others.

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Making product circularity easy & fun

Small things matter. Just like the the regular checkup at your doctor, so does it for our products – plus it can be a powerful way to strengthen customer relationship and lifetime value.

Since 2021, electronics need to be more repairable and the right-to-repair movement is accelerating globally. Fixing a product can extend the lifetime significantly and be profitable too if performed using best practices.

Refurbishing products has become a hot market in the last years – from electronics to furniture or fashion. Therefore, taking them back having transparency about the lifecycle and access to services is key.

The more a product is used across its lifetime, the better will be its circularity and sustainability – for example using a rental or “Product-as-a-Service” model. Orchestrating services along the way will be critical to scale those models.

Sometimes a product can’t be used anymore – but often components or parts are still working that can be used in new or other products. Here, product and service history with predictions can help in a shared network.

Once one of the previous strategies can’t be applied anymore, it’s time to find another material use – e.g. upcycling fashion, using a washing drum as lamp or electric vehicle batteries for alternative energy storage.

Ultimately, we want to bring back the materials in the loop. Here we can also give recyclers a platform to see what materials are in the current market and give them a way to bring still functioning components to repair and refurbishing partners.

You’re in good hands!

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