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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I am interested, but not sure which partnership model(s) make sense for my business – What shall I do?
    • If you are unsure how to start, we are here to find the best solution for you and open to your feedback and adjustment if needed. For enterprise clients we offer consultancy services and schedule a session where we map out your circular advantage and draft potential scenarios and strategies together that fit your company’s needs.
  • Can I combine partnership models?
    • Yes, partnership models can be combined to meet your business needs and circular ambition
  • What does each of the partnership models entail specifically?
    • Please get in touch to get to the presentation of the different partnership models.
  • Are the partnership models modular or one-fits-all?
    • The software partnership model allows you to combine and select the different software components to customize your solution including add-on modules. The circular partnership offers you different packages with increased functionality & monthly or yearly memberships. The community partnership is for free and a self-service tool that allows you to tailor it to your needs.
  • How much does a membership for each partnership model cost?
    • Please check out our pricing page to calculate your offer based on your choices or feel free to get in touch with us.
  • How much does it cost if I combine memberships?
    • We will make you an offer depending on the partnership models you want to combine. We will also grant you a discount if you combine several.
  • How long does the onboarding take?
    • The onboarding takes around 30 minutes and also includes on-demand support. Our community also serves as a sounding-board for insights, feedback and best-practices.
  • What are the benefits of the circular partnership?
    • Listing on websites for service requests
    • Use the “Circular Partner” logo
    • Participate in marketing campaigns
    • Strong positioning towards sustainable customers and partners
    • Events and content to achieve circularity and climate goals
  • How do I qualify myself as a circular partner?
    • If you are a business that is already offering or wants to offer more circular services you are qualified. You can be a service provider or an operator such as manufacturers or retailers, a (circular) city, an organization or any other business.
  • What are circular services?
    • Circular services mean that you want to enable the circular economy and support activities that maintain, repair, refurbish, reuse, remanufacture, repurpose or recycle products and connect stakeholders for a more circular business.
  • Do I get certified by you or do you work with any other organization?
    • As a circular partner you obtain the rights to use FixFirst certification and circular logo to make your commitments visible to your customers and partners. We reserve the right to change the standards and entry criteria and to have certification carried out by third parties.
  • Do you provide any marketing materials?
    • If you purchase the Circular Pro-Package, we provide you with the rights and the designs of our circular logo for your personal merchandise and marketing materials. This is all captured in our partnership agreement.
  • What are the benefits of the software partnership?
    • Manage all services, employees, customers and partners on one platform
    • Full visibility into service performance and product lifecycle data
    • Customizable and scalable solution for your organization and markets
    • Easy collaboration thanks to system integration and link to ecosystem
  • Who is the software for?
    • Our software can be used by circular service providers to run their business and operators to manage a whole network of those.
  • Does the software have different modules that I can sign up for and/or combine?
    • The software is composed of different modules that can be combined to meet your business needs. Please click here to see the different features and modules.
  • Can I test the software for free before signing up? For how long?
    • We will schedule a demo to introduce the software to you and also understand your needs. Based on that we create an onboarding plan and timeline that also defines who should be involved in testing sessions and for how long you should be testing given the size and needs of your company. For large businesses and enterprise clients this will be done on an individual basis. For small businesses the process will be much easier and faster.
  • How much does a software membership cost?
    • Please check out our pricing page to calculate your offer based on your choices or feel free to get in touch with us.
  • If I have additional needs for my business, can this be addressed?
    • We keep improving and iterating our software and we want our partners to be involved in this process. During the onboarding process, we determine to what degree and how quickly your additional needs can be addressed.
  • I work with other (service) partners – How will they be onboarded?
    • We will provide you with guidelines and technical support to onboard your partners. All the details will be part of the onboard planning process.
  • Does the software have different modules that I can sign up for and/or combine?
    • Yes, you can select different modules, e.g. workshop, office, field service and other – with or without remote video services. Just get in touch!
  • Does the software work on any device?
    • Yes, you can use it on desktop, tablet or your smartphone
  • Where do you work?
    • This will depend a little on the team you’re joining but we love to be remote first and meet on a regular base.
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