Individual AI Co-Pilot

Save up to 70% of your time through direct error diagnosis, instant cost estimate creation, translation & more for your customers, staff & technicians – based on your own data.
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Like chatGPT for repair
with your own data & context

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Closing the repair skill gap with AI

Fast standalone use possible

Nobody wants a 12 months IT project – luckily, our solution can be used immediately and as a standalone version – saving time, resources and headaches

Optional workflow integration

Our AI works best combined with the workflow software: got a request and need to reply? Just hit a button, get a suggestion incl. diagnosis, estimate & more

Almost nothing you can’t use it for

Your team just got superpowers – error diagnosis, information from manuals, checklists, translation, cost estimates, product descriptions, emails, learning, speech to text & more

No training of other LLMs – privacy first

When used with your own data, it stays in secure and LLMs (large language models) won’t use it to train themselves – thus any data shared is save

“AI won’t take your job but a human with AI might”
– although there are enough products to be fixed!

Supports the full service portfolio


Maintenance, Inspection, Repair, Installation


Maintenance, Inspection, Repair, Refurbishment


Inspection, Consultation


Maintenance, Inspection, Consultation

DIY support

Inspection, Guidance, Right-to-Repair

Customers, service providers & brands are amazed!

“Damn – I got an instant diagnosis for my washing machine… even in my mother language!”

Product user at home 

“If trained with our own technical repair guides, it makes onboarding new employees and day to day work so much faster!”

Service technician at repair shop

“This makes everyone a repair expert – super helpful and almost magic!”

Service manager at retailer

Up to 70% faster response & estimates
For your customers & service team 

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